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Tree Tea™

Introducing the first Organic, 100% Wild Crafted, readily available Chaga beverage, Tree Tea™ by ChugaChaga!

Now you can have all of the wonderful benefits of Chaga on the go without the hassle of having to brew at home. Chaga contains 215 phyto-nutrients that take 3 hours to fully extract, so by steeping your Chaga tea bag for only a few minutes you end up throwing away valuable vitamins and minerals. In order for there to be a sustainable balance of Chaga with growing demand we must not waste any of this wonderful mushroom.

Tree Tea comes in three delicious flavors with 60 calories or under per serving!

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Our classic blend is the prefect balance of refreshment and sweetness using a blend of honey, maple syrup, cane and brown sugar.

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 The combination of chaga and peach with notes of vanilla creates a sensation your taste buds will crave.

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Zero Sugar

This refreshing blend using xylitol, an alternative sweetener made from birch trees, is perfect for those looking for a sugar-free option.


For every bottle of Tree Tea sold, we will plant one tree

According to Green Peace up to 80 percent of the worlds forests have been degraded or destroyed. Meaning if you scaled earth’s 4.6 billion year history down to 46 years the industrial revolution happened just 1 minute ago and in that time we have destroyed over HALF of our earth’s trees. This is an obliviously unsustainable trade between humans and the environment and a change starts with both of us. The Unity Project is a promise by ChugaChaga to plant one tree seed for every bottle of tea sold. As we grow as a company we consider sustainability and the rehabilitation of our planets environment a key objective. The fungus we love chaga is dependent on health forests for it to grow and we must take its lead to find a stable balance between what we take and what we give back. In order to accomplish this goal we will be teaming up with the Eden Project a reforestation group that focuses of fighting poverty along side deforestation by employing the impoverished to plant trees instead of cutting them down.


What is Chaga?

The “King of Medicinal Mushrooms”; chaga is a beautiful and unique looking fungus that grows on birch trees. Chaga’s exterior is a rich black, contrasted by its beautiful golden interior. Known as "The Diamond of the Forest" it grows predominately in cold northern climates and is know to thrive in North America and Russia. Chaga’s popularity has begun to blossom in the west in recent years, however chaga tea has been used in eastern folk medicine for thousands of years. It shocked the world when chaga was found on Ötzi the Ice Man, the perfectly preserved 5000 year old human body showing that the use of chaga dates back far in history.

Health & Wellness

According to Brunswick Laboratories chaga has 46x more antioxidants than blueberries, 10x more than pomegranate and 7x more than Acai berries. This has lead to an explosion of chaga research and products in past years. 70% of scientific research published on chaga has been produced since 2000 showing that this wonderful fungus is raising some eyebrows. Chaga a powerful adaptogen, is know to naturally provide energy without a crash or the gitters from caffeine. The mushroom contains 215 different phytonutrients that provide cognitive and mood enhancing benefits. Below are the five most notable. 


All though you most likely hear of antioxidants in the news and advertments often, it's less common to hear what they actually do for you. As their name implies antioxidants neutralize oxidizing chemicals called free radicals. These free radicals are produced naturally by your body every second of every day and have the potential to damage cells leading to cancer. Think of antioxidants as your invisible shield naturally flushing these toxins from your body.

Superoxide Dismutase

Known as the "Molecule of Youth", this important antioxidant targets superoxide which is the most common free radical found in our bodies. Compared to other medicinal mushrooms chaga has the highest concentration of SOD.


Chaga has high amounts of melanin which is responsible for the pigment and health of your eyes, skin and hair.  


Chaga contains complex sugars that help modulate your immune and digestive system. Unlike simple sugars that breakdown quickly and cause a spike in insulin production, polysaccahrides digest slowly which may help regulate blood sugar levels.

The Taste

Many people wonder what chaga will taste like because of its unique appearance and the fact that it is a mushroom, however they are always pleasantly surprised by its wonderful flavor. See for yourself and try our Tree Tea™ today!


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

About Us

Our mIssion is to spread the power of chaga by adapting it to the modern lifestyle

In 2010, Luke Evans went hiking with his friend and mentor Juan Gomez in search of the elusive Chaga mushroom. At first sight Luke understood the value of this remarkable superfood. While in college him and other UAlbany students Marc Iskandar and Adam Kaiser would forage in the Adirondacks. Quickly the team evolved from classmates and friends to business partners.


As they began to execute their plan the ChugaChaga team reached many important milestones. Including their acceptance into the highly competitive Food-X program, a NYC based accelerator for disruptive food businesses. 

Our Team


Chief Executive Officer

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